“Agrès-sol”, means “ground element” in french. A new apparatus evolves from the one used in “Horizontes”: the bar has become a surface, the line has become a plane. The work is the result of a collaboration with the contortionist and handstand specialist Macarena González Neuman, as the piece is dedicated to her.

Locked up in a suspended fragment of a theatre stage, the piece experiments what can her body do when the ground beneath her feet becomes an unstable support. Understanding contortion as a powerful visual element, my goal is to interrogate the decentralization of Macarena as an individual, from the wrinkles and folds of her skin.

By decomposing the vertical axis, imposing a limited habitat space and modifying one’s own structure, performative and symbolical values detach from the discipline to form an image: the image of a body that seeks comfort in constant readaptation.

On this suspended piece of ground, the body becomes an instrument to explore different layers of stability, in a permanent dialogue between disequilibrium and resilience, often in the most unbelievable ways.

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