The last room of the four-room installation "Les salles du temps" (Hôtel Rivet, Nîmes, 2015) is “La salle aux souvenirs”. The space is apparently empty at first sight, filled only with light as the window is covered with a white fabric. With no reference to the outside world, the room is decontextualised, displaced, it could be anywhere, it could be any room. Playing with objectless emptiness, the room is filled with sound. Four speakers situated each one in one of the corners diffuse the same track, with variations on the delay. The viewer is immersed in a sea of voices, an acoustic chaos, at first perceiving only many voices speaking randomly in many different languages without any order, a chaotic Babel atmosphere locked in four walls.

The audio track corresponds to a series of memories told by more than a hundred people from all over the world that I have been collecting ever since 2013. They have all answered the same question: “Tell me something that you would not forget if you could save it from a hypothetical amnesia.”

The result corresponds to a plurality and a diversity of singular lives, but paradoxically many of them recall similar moments and mechanisms. The work is about memory, but about memory as a common place. In a polyglot ocean, the life of the common emerges in similar choices and recurrent dreams, allowing to wonder about details and fragments of life, sometimes particular, sometimes shared.

This installation is accompanied with a catalogue of the memories, all brought to the same level and translated to the same language, that of the place where the piece is exhibited.

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