The second room’s walls are filled with transparent paper sheets that, attached to the wall only by their superior part, move freely vibrating with the breeze that enters through the open window. Each paper presents a written certitude that I have been collecting

since 2014.

In “La salle aux certitudes”, certitude is explored as a concept that works like the lead weights of the precedent room, determining an anchoring point for thought, a place from which contemplate the world, being a point of stability in a world in divenire and subject to change. Diversity is important, and their anonymous donors are always persons that I know, to which I somehow feel related and that come from all over the world.

Certitudes, convictions and beliefs are understood as tools for resilience, providing an ancoring point whitin life’s instability. To present them all equally, in the nude, puts them up to interrogation: What is a conviction? How many common certitudes are there? How fake or true can they seem?

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